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Alien Of Our Own - Author Notes

I thought you might enjoy knowing what some of the names and other terms mentioned in the book meant.

Name Meanings and Other Terms

Hebrew and Biblical Names:
·      Freyde – Joy.
·      Gamaliel – benefit of God.
·      Karmeli – my vineyard.
·      Noam – sweetness, friendship.
·      Ezra – help.
·      Roni – my song, my joy.
·      Katan – small.
·      Paneh – face.
·      Daniel – God is my judge.
·      Kicce – chair.
·      Mittah – bed.
·      Shulchan – table.
·      Marah – looking glass, mirror.
·      Eres – couch, sofa.

African Names:
·      Tuhfa – a gift.
·      Sudi- good fortune.
·      Badru – born at the full moon.
·      Nasiir – helper.
·      Pendo – love.
·      Afua – forgiveness.
·      Hekima – clever, wise.
·      Matu – the clouds.

Other name meanings:
·      Xander – derived from Alexander (Elexander), which means ‘defending men’ in Greek.
·      Jay – greedy, great chatterer.
·      Horrell – where we hang felons.
·      Juna – derived from Arjuna which means ‘white’ in Sanskrit.
·      Lakota – friend.
·      Adrasteia – feminine form of Adrastos, which means ‘not inclined to run away’ in Greek.
·      Nikoleta – from the Greek name Nickolas, which means ‘victory of the people’.
·      Era – means ‘mistress, lady’ in Latin.
·      Harshal – means ‘happy’ in Sanskrit.
·      Elmo – an Italian name, means ‘helmet’ or ‘protection’.
·      Eyota – Native-American name, means ‘the greatest’.

Alien Of Our Own - Epilogue

2189 - January

Afua was wed on her sick bed. After calling her pastor with her unique request, she then contacted her father at the local hotel he was conducting meetings at. This way, Badru and Nasiir could attend the bedside ceremony within the hour.

Xander was more than pleasantly surprised by Afua’s actions. When the pastor asked for his full name, he gave a surprise of his own by stating that his name was Xander Manning.

Xander said that surname with such pride that it was obvious that he was honored to bear the name of his birth parents. Afua felt honored to bear that name, as well. From all she’d heard about the Mannings, they were wonderful people. They’d certainly impacted several planets for the better.

Now that Afua had finally regained all of her strength, she and Xander headed to Hekima (Nico-1) for a quiet honeymoon. Nasiir and his pregnant wife Pendo welcomed them to the planet with open arms. Nasiir’s parents did, too.

Afua had already met Xander’s adopted family when they transported inside of the Karson home back in early November. She liked them all instantly, especially Noam, who couldn’t seem to stop hugging her.

The whole time Afua was on Hekima, she thought about how it truly was like the Garden of Eden. The weather was exactly the same everyday and a mist went up from the ground to water the vegetation[i]. She and Xander had the time of their lives there.

On their last night on Hekima, Mother Tuhfa requested a private audience with Afua. “Nine Earth months from now you will have a child,” the mature buck said as they walked in the same garden that she and Juna had communed in so long ago. It did Tuhfa’s heart good to finally be able to talk with an Earth woman, instead of just nodding and cuddling at all the right times.

Afua nodded in acceptance of Mother Tuhfa’s words. Upon their first meeting she’d sensed a kindred spirit in the mature Hekiman. Therefore, she didn’t doubt anything the wise buck said.

“Will it be healthy?” Afua asked, recalling how her mother had been prone to miscarriages and stillbirths. She was the only child that had survived Daisy’s turbulent womb.

Tuhfa nodded and inched closer to rub her head against the Earth woman’s legs. “It will be very healthy. So there is no need to fret about your womb rejecting it or causing it to die before the time.”

Afua smiled with enormous relief upon her face. “Has the Holy One revealed the gender? Or am I to use equipment to find this out?”

Tuhfa chuckled. “It will be a son, eager one.”

Afua laughed and stroked the thick brown fur of the mature buck. “I am a bit eager to start a family. It’s like I’ve been holding all this love inside for so long, afraid to let it out. And then wham! I suddenly want to love on everybody. The more the merrier.”

“Well, you will definitely have a lot of healthy children to love. I will see at least five of them before I go the way of my ancestors.” Tuhfa failed to mention that her loving mate of many years would precede her in death one year before that time. She didn’t deem it necessary to reveal Sudi’s fate.

Afua suddenly turned serious. “You and your mate’s end will be peaceful, without any pain whatsoever.” She spoke in a sure tone. She, too, kept her spiritual ears open for fresh words out of the Master’s mouth.

Tuhfa looked up and smiled at the extremely discerning Earth woman. “I know. I look forward to holding face to face conversations with the Creator when that day comes.”

Afua’s smile returned. “Until then I promise to come visit you often so you and I can have more face to face conversations like this.”

“I look forward to those, too,” Tuhfa said, just as Xander and Nasiir walked up. Pendo was too heavy with child to travel much these days.

After they all said their farewells, Xander finally took his bride to their new home on Katan. They had a shipload of Bibles to carry back with them. Some had already been given to the Hekimans.

Though the young Mannings had chosen not to live on Earth, they would frequent it several times a year. Not just to visit Badru, but also to teach everyday people about many spiritual things. Things like how truly powerful words are[ii], especially the Word of God when it is applied by faith to our lives. Xander and Afua plan to continue doing this until the risen Savior returns.

Back on Earth, Badru continued to help America rebuild. He did not do it by allowing them to talk him into running for president in the delayed January election. He did it by using some of the older Mannings’ research in order to show scientists of America, and all over the world, how to best cultivate and expand the farmland they still had.

Badru, now a world proclaimed hero, was quite content living a simple life in the swamp. His honor had been restored. His daughter was healed, happily married, and expecting her first child. That was enough for Badru. Well…almost enough.

Lately Badru had been thinking about remarrying. He already had someone in mind – Adrasteia’s sister, Nikoleta. He met her while taking Lakota and her new husband to visit Adrasteia at a Virginia asylum.

Needless to say, Badru and Nikoleta hit it off immediately. Now he is headed for his own happily ever after.   


The End

Copyright © 2006 by Suprina Frazier

[i]  Genesis 2:6

[ii]  Proverbs 18:21; Hebrews 4:12

Alien Of Our Own - Chapter 32

Back on the ship, Badru and Nasiir entered Xander’s well-lit cabin. Afua lay on a flat surgical shulchan that had been hidden within one of the storage cabinets in the walls, along with all the necessary medical equipment. Further evidence of just how much thought had gone into building this spacecraft.

Xander nodded to his friends just as he was sewing Afua’s wound closed with tiny sutures. It had taken nerves of steel and the use of every medical procedure he’d learned on Katan to operate on her. Yet Xander had done it. He’d done it well. However, he had not done it alone.

While using diamond-shaped Katanian body scanners to determine the extent of Afua’s injuries, Xander had seen angels posted from corner to corner in the room.[i] They all looked ready to pounce on any trace of evil that dared show up during Afua’s most vulnerable state. Especially now that the moment of disobedience had passed.

On top of all that, Xander saw bright rays of light literally coming from the anointed woman’s body. It was obvious that the Creator was most definitely working some things out within Afua and on her behalf.

Despite the fact that Afua had been disobedient by running to her father’s rescue, God had not marked that iniquity permanently against her[ii]. Instead he’d extended forgiveness and mercy as evident by the fact that most of her vital organs had been protected. And the ones that had suffered damage seemed to miraculously heal right before Xander’s very eyes.

There was no doubt in his mind that all Afua would have to remind her of this act of disobedience was a long scar. Fortunately, she could easily have that removed by either Earth technology or Katanian.

“How is she?” Badru asked, perusing his daughter’s still, yet breathing figure on the shulchan. He looked years older with worry.

Xander secured the last stitch and lifted his head with a smile. “We all know that she will survive, but I predict Afua will make a full and speedy recovery.” The smiles of the ascending angels seemed to testify of that fact.

A now much younger-looking Badru fell to his knees and praised God for saving his daughter’s life and countless others, and for removing Jay’s evil from the world.

Nasiir, who had returned to his true form by now and had finally seen angels for himself upon entering Xander’s cabin, praised God for the same things as Badru. Except he threw in an extra report of praise. For now that the Earth mission was nearing an end, Nasiir could finally go home to Pendo. That alone was much to praise about.

Badru and Nasiir would not be the only people on the floor sending up high praises to a most Holy God who heals and delivers. Xander joined them right after placing electronic monitoring tags upon Afua’s torso to keep track of her progress.

~~~ >< ~~~

Afua woke up two days later back in her own room at the homestead. Even though she felt as if she’d been run over by a truck, the fact that she was still alive made even that level of pain tolerable.

“I have been waiting to see those beautiful eyes again.” Xander moved into Afua’s eye view from where he’d been standing by the northern window. He’d been looking at the orange and blue setting of another Earth day.

Exercising wisdom, Badru had taken a room at a local hotel with Nasiir. This way, he could address the media at will without them coming to the homestead. He didn’t want to disturb his neighbors or his daughter, whom he prudently stated was recovering nicely at an undisclosed location. When Badru wasn’t talking to the throng of media gathered around the hotel, he and Nasiir were back and forth at the house via transporter.

“How long have I been out?” Afua asked, attempting to sit up in the queen sized bed. The purple comforter she was currently covered with had been purchased by her fiancĂ©.

“Do not sit up yet, beloved. It is too soon for you to be moving around,” Xander replied, stilling her movements with his right hand before answering her question. “You have been in and out of consciousness for forty-eight hours. You were talking in tongues some of that time, but today was the first day you have actually opened your eyes.”

Afua nodded. She wasn’t surprised that her spirit man took over while her body was weak. After all, the spirit of a person will sustain him/her in sickness.[iii] However, she was surprised that her father was not here.

“How did our plan go and where is my father?” Afua hoped he wasn’t in jail for killing Jay Horrell. She wanted to tell Badru that she’d finally forgiven herself for what happened with her mother.

Trying to save her father had reminded Afua that she was not God. That as a human being, she was subject to make mistakes at times. Which was the main reason she needed a forgiving Savior. The reason they all did.

Speaking of Afua’s mother, Daisy’s picture was back on her bedroom wall. The Gladwins had brought all those things back as soon as they saw lights on at the Karson house.   

“Our plan was very successful. It did what it was destined to do. As for Dr. Karson and Nasiir, they are holding press conferences at a local hotel in order to keep the crowds away from the house.” Xander moved to the eastward placed wicker nightstand, where a pitcher and drinking glass sat. “Would you like some spring water? It’s the flavor of Katanian orange.”

Afua nodded. “Yes, please.” Then when she had taken several long sips from the straw he’d put to her mouth, she started in with the questions again. “How are things going with the media?”

Xander returned the glass to the nightstand and sat down in the wicker chair on the right side of the bed. “It is going very well for us with all the documented evidence we have. Some of that evidence includes the things Nasiir retrieved from Jay’s home and office while he was there destroying any references to my presence on Earth. However, it is not going so well for Jay’s associates. There is even talk of postponing the presidential election this year.”

“This is serious. America has never postponed a presidential election before,” Afua said.

“In light of all that had been revealed about Jay Horrell and his associates it seems extremely wise to do so. Especially since reports are surfacing that the election itself had been corrupted. After witnessing the earth swallow Jay alive, people from all over the nation are repenting and coming forth with news that they had been paid to rig the electronic voting system so that Jay would win no matter how the people voted.”

“Wow! God really is awesome,” Afua replied in reference to the unique demise of the wicked. “Like a house of cards, everything that Jay established is falling down.” She shook her head sadly. “Too bad so many others are going to be taken down with him. And this is just the beginning.”

 Xander shrugged. “I imagine most of them are just glad that the ground didn’t swallow them up, too. I am sure they will find that man’s judgment is much more tolerable than the Creator’s.”

Even Mrs. Horrell seemed content to be in the asylum that authorities committed her to after hearing her refer to a talking cat that paralyzed her. Incidentally, Adrasteia was the only one that Xander, Nasiir, and Badru had any sympathy for. Afua seemed to have enough sympathy to spread around for all the misguided souls from Jay’s life as evidenced by her next comments.

“Even still we must fast and pray for them. That they all repent and come to a saving knowledge of Christ,” Afua said, feeling stronger by the minute.

Xander smiled, extremely comforted by her fiery spirit. It was a sign that she was feeling better. He was pleased by that. Very pleased.

“We will pray all we want, beloved, but the fasting will have to come later.” Xander reached for her hand. “You need to regain your full strength first.”

Afua chuckled. “You’re right.” Then she had an idea. “But I do believe I have enough strength for one other thing, maybe two.”

“What two things are those?” Xander asked, noting her mischievous smile. That was a definite sign that she was getting better.

“Thing one is a big juicy kiss for my future husband,” Afua said, licking her lips already in anticipation. “Thing two you’ll just have to wait and see since I’m going to need a phone for that.”

Xander chuckled and leaned towards her. “I am ready to work on thing one any time you are, beloved.”

Copyright © 2006 by Suprina Frazier

[i]  Psalm 34:7; 91:11

[ii]  Psalm 130:3-4

[iii]  Proverbs 18:14

Alien Of Our Own - Chapter 31

Xander could not believe his eyes as he watched Afua’s purple-clad figure suddenly appear on the monitor. Fortunately, she materialized near the doorway of Jay’s kitchen so most viewers would not be able to tell if she’d appeared out of thin air or simply entered from another room.

Unfortunately, Afua ran and leaped in front of her father just as Jay threw a large knife at him. Instead of Badru, the knife found her midriff and sunk in deep. With a look of shock, followed by one of realization, Afua dropped to the floor in a heap.

“No!” Xander yelled, pressing buttons on his transporter as fast as his fingers would go.

Why did they ever teach Afua how to use a transporter?

Why didn’t she obey the Lord and just stand still? God’s salvation would have come. He promised it would!

Xander would upload his file of documented evidence at a later time. Right now he had to get to Afua.

~~~ >< ~~~

Meanwhile, Jay, Nasiir, and Badru were speechless for different reasons at the sudden appearance of Afua. Jay, because he’d just seen someone materialize out of nowhere. Nasiir, because speech from him at this moment would expose him and ultimately his people to a world that wasn’t ready for them. Badru was speechless because he just realized who it was that was destined to be hurt today.

Rushing over to his daughter, a grief-stricken Badru held her limp body in his arms. “Oh, Afua. Why didn’t you stay put, baby girl?” It pained him to his heart to see her so unresponsive, even though it had been prophesied that she would make it. If Badru hadn’t had that word of comfort to hold on to right now, he would have surely thought she was dying from all the blood leaking out of her side. 

Simultaneously, Xander appeared in a kneeling position under the large oval-shaped kitchen table. That was done to hide his sudden appearance from plain view. It was also done because that was near where Afua had fallen.

Meanwhile, a quick thinking Nasiir directed the overhead camera via a control device planted within his right paw to focus solely upon Jay now. The close-up of Jay revealed shock and horror as his wide eyes took in the most incredible things.

Jay couldn’t believe that he was now staring at Elexander’s look-alike. He’d been hunting this man for weeks and now here he was, right there in his very own kitchen. That man’s entrance couldn’t have been more unbelievable.

Jay watched speechless as that same look-alike scooped Badru’s wounded daughter up in his arms and disappeared with her as if they both had never even been there. If Afua’s blood wasn’t pooled upon the blue and white kitchen tiles and blotted upon Badru’s brown shirt, Jay would have thought he imagined the whole thing. It all still seemed like a dream. A very bad dream.

Even now Jay couldn’t shake the menacing look Elexander’s look-alike gave him right before he left. If the girl had not needed acute medical attention, Jay was convinced that the Greek-looking man would have killed him on the spot. He shuddered at that thought.

“That is the last person you will hurt that I love.” Badru stood to his feet.

With Afua safely with Xander, Dr. Karson lunged across the island that separated him from his enemy. His hands were in clench mode. His intent was to choke the life out of Jay and rid the world of him once and for all.

Yet Badru would never make it to the shocked man. Someone else wanted to take care of Jay[i]. A very powerful Someone else.

Suddenly, the Horrell’s lake house began to shake. It wasn’t a small shaking that gradually increased. This shaking started big from the very beginning and seemed prepared to disturb the house clear down to its very foundation.

Soon a large crack appeared in the kitchen floor, separating the righteous from the unrighteous. Badru and Nasiir stood on one side and held on to the sturdy island. Jay stood on the other, doing his best to stay away from the crack, even to the point of climbing upon the countertop. He was nearly in the wide sink now.

Meanwhile, the crack continued to get wider and wider until it seemed as if it would completely divide the house in sunder. Jay screamed in terror with each expansion. His mind began to fray at the edges as he sensed the inevitable.

Worse, there was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Jay had crossed the wrong Person. He never felt more alone in his life. Even the gang of evil spirits that had possessed him and empowered him[ii] for years had abandoned him by now.

Though that crack in the kitchen floor did not divide the house, it did stop just wide enough for a particular purpose. That purpose would be shortly revealed as Badru, Nasiir, and most of the world watched as another powerful earthquake thrust a terrified Jay into the crack.

Simultaneously, a thick flame of fire rose from the abyss and lit upon the wicked man. Completely engulfed in flames, the screaming man tumbled downward, downward into a tormenting place.[iii] The ground moved only once more after that as it slammed closed upon Jay with a satisfied groan.

Even though Badru’s eyes were wide, he was not nearly as shocked as the rest of the world. After being around Xander and Nasiir for months, not to mention living with a prophetic daughter, he was rapidly becoming used to extraordinary occurrences.

Thinking of his daughter now, Badru turned to the monitoring device on the ceiling and announced the following to the English-speaking world, “As you have just seen, Jay Horrell met with a most appropriate end for all of his crimes against the Mannings, my family, and people everywhere. As for the things you witnessed today, I will be glad to talk to you about those at a later time. Right now I have to see about my daughter.”

With those words, Nasiir switched the monitoring device off with a swipe of his paw. With another swipe, the device dislodged from the ceiling and returned to him. Then together, Nasiir and Badru used their transporters to return to the spacecraft.

~~~ >< ~~~

Meanwhile, Adrasteia remained in the master suite, still unable to move, still unable to speak. Yet she could see and thus she continued to watch the television monitor, which was now filling up with news reports to discuss what nearly everyone in the world had seen.

Tears dropped from Adrasteia’s cheeks to her red and black blouse. They had been coming out of her eyes for awhile now as the reality of her husband’s wickedness continued to sink in. In the background, she could hear the house phone start to ring. A persistent knocking began at the front door.

Adrasteia wouldn’t be able to answer the phone or the door for another hour and ten minutes. Even if she could move, she wouldn’t go to either one, for on the other end of that phone and on the other side of that door was nothing but further heartache and sorrow for her.

Copyright © 2006 by Suprina Frazier

[i]  Exodus 14:14

[ii]  Luke 8:29-30

[iii]  Numbers 16:25 -35

Alien Of Our Own - Chapter 30

In the country-blue and white kitchen, Jay hummed a happy tune as he prepared to fix himself a salami and mustard sandwich on rye. Once upon a time, this type of sandwich was a part of everyday life. Now it was a delicacy. A delicacy that Jay enjoyed as often as he wished. Even if the rest of the world went hungry, he’d still make sure he had the fixings for a salami and mustard sandwich on rye.

“Still eating unhealthy foods, huh? It’s a wonder you’re still alive,” Badru said from his standing position behind the white-topped oak island in the center of the room.

“What the…?” Jay dropped the salami roll in his hands and turned away from the wooden carving block and knife he’d been about to use. “How did you get in here?” He glared at Badru, only briefly noticing the large dog with him.

So focused on his longtime enemy, Jay missed the small electronic device that shot from the dog’s mouth up to the ceiling. With a brief press of a button at Nasiir’s paw, this covert meeting was now traveling all over the world’s airwaves.

“It’s a secret,” Badru replied. “But then again, you know all about keeping secrets, don’t you, Jay?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Red spots began to appear in Jay’s cheeks, deepening the freckles there.

“Yes, you do,” Badru replied, noting the color changes in the other man’s face. “Remember the secret virus you planted in the last satellite message to the Mannings? The same smart virus that attacked the spacecraft’s mainframe on their way home and made it impossible for them to return to Earth safely.”

“I still don’t know what you’re talking about,” Jay lied, maintaining his innocence even now. For all he knew Badru could be part of an undercover sting. How else could he have gotten past his bodyguards and into his home? Perhaps even Adrasteia was in on it. She had been acting funny lately.

“Yes, you do. On the day my daughter was born, you were called upon to assist with the satellite message in my absence. You knew I’d be out of the office all day and probably wouldn’t be able to double check the message before it was sent. Thus you used that time to sabotage the Mannings’ mission,” Badru continued.

“Never did such a thing,” Jay contended. He suddenly became very aware of the dog in their presence when Nasiir growled. As a result, Jay secretly reached behind him for the knife on the counter.

“Oh, but you did. But what you didn’t know was that this particular virus had a way of telling on its creator. Like all vegetation points towards the sun, that smart virus pointed to its creator by holding within it the time, date, and computer ID from which it was created.”

Jay turned even redder in the face. Yet he remained silent in order not to jeopardize his career goals in any way. If his high-priced lawyers were here, they would have advised him to do that very same thing.

“Although your virus was created on the computer that I normally used, it was done during the hours that I was at the hospital coaching my wife through her delivery. My daughter’s birth certificate can verify that, as well. If H-NASA had only investigated deep enough, they would have found this out.” Badru smirked. “But you made sure that didn’t happen, didn’t you? You made sure the investigation was called off before the real truth came out.”

“Don’t try to blame me for your incompetence,” Jay retorted as his anger rose. “Now get out of my home before I call the police!” He tried to bring an end to this conversation just in case it was being heard by others. He could not afford to have his enemies use this information to thrust his bid for the presidency, even at this late date.

Jay still had no idea that every television set, every radio, electronic billboard, and every other communication device all over the English-speaking world was receiving this broadcast.

Seeing that his enemy was not going to loosen his lips without the right kind of provocation, Badru tried another approach. “I’m leaving, but before I go, I think you need to know that Juna knew exactly who sabotaged their mission before she died.”

“How would you know that? All reports say that they died in space.” Jay was waiting on the man to reveal that Juna and Elexander were still alive somewhere and had raised their son after all. How else could one explain the Elexander look-alike he’d seen pictures of?

Badru shook his head disapprovingly. “That’s another reason I never wanted you on my team. You never paid enough attention to the small details. Those reports only indicated that the Mannings launched their testament pod in space before they died. They didn’t say that they actually died in space. If you had paid even closer attention to the reports, you would have seen that the launch date of the pod was months after their departure from Nico-1. Therefore, Elexander and Juna would have had time to figure out exactly who sabotaged their mission home.”

“No!” Jay bellowed, clenching the knife behind his back tighter. “Juna died believing only the best of me!”

“She died finally seeing you for the monster that you really are!” Badru retorted. “She also died still deeply in love with another man. Juna must have mentioned how much she loved Elexander at least twenty times in her digital will.”

“Juna was deceived by his brilliance. She didn’t really love him. She loved me.” Jay didn’t care if the whole world heard him now.

If only he knew that half the world was listening to him, and very intently at that. At this very moment, traffic had stopped all over the United States and even in other English-speaking countries as they all waited on pins and needles to see what would happen next.

~~~ >< ~~~

“As you say on Earth, he is about to lose it completely now,” Xander said concerning Jay. Like countless other viewers, he and Afua had watched this significant meeting between old enemies from the first second it aired. They watched from the monitors in the control room.  

“I know,” Afua said through clenched teeth as she stood to her feet. She couldn’t sit still any longer while her father was in harm’s way. As a result, she got up and began to pace the floor in the circular room.

“You’re the deceived one,” Afua heard her father say. “You actually thought that Elexander took Juna away from you. You have no idea that you would have lost her anyway.”

“You lie!” Jay growled like an animal. “Juna would have never left me, if it had not been for him messing with her head, convincing her that her life with me was without meaning.”

Badru scoffed. “Juna had come to that conclusion all by herself. In fact, she was ready to kill herself the night she met Elexander. If it hadn’t been for the Lord saving her and sending Elexander her way, she would have died over thirty years ago instead of twenty.”

Without even looking at the monitor, Afua knew when Jay went over the edge. It was in the cold hardness of his voice as he said, “You should have died with the rest of your friends.”

“Which friends are those?” Badru asked. “The Mannings? All my associates working on the Nico-1 mission? Or my wife? All whose deaths you are personally responsible for!” His nostrils flared at the memory of all those he’d lost to such evil.

Jay’s face actually looked demonic in nature now. He growled again, yet no words came out this time.

Dr. Karson continued, despite the appearance of pure evil in front of him. No doubt Jay had been demon possessed for years. “But those aren’t the only deaths that were going to be on your head, were they, Mr. Vice President? No, because once you became President, you were going to take over the whole world, killing anyone that stood in your way. Then you were going to turn the world’s space program into a mad conquering machine in order to systemically take over other planets, too.”

Badru laughed. “But not now. Now the whole world will know your evil plans, because this conversation has been aired from the moment I entered this room. Now you will be stopped once and for all!”

Realizing that his plans had been utterly exposed though he knew not how, Jay actually roared out his rage at this point. Then he prepared to do another unthinkable thing in front of millions of viewers.

Simultaneously, Afua pressed the button on her transporter and vanished from the spacecraft. She could not stand back and let another parent die without doing something to prevent it. Something now, not later!

Copyright © 2006 by Suprina Frazier

Alien Of Our Own - Chapter 29

2188 - October   

Xander and his team of three sat at the round shulchan and went over the final details of their plan. With the presidential election only weeks away, it was now or never to move against Jay.

Even though Xander had wanted to be the one to confront his birth parents’ killer, it had been mutually agreed upon that he would not reveal himself to Jay at all now. Doing so would incite all kinds of questions about his background. Questions that none of them were willing to answer. Neither was Earth ready for those answers just yet.

However, Xander would be the one to upload and broadcast copies of select H-NASA documents that he and Badru had covertly commandeered during their summer tours at the space center. A few other documents would also be uploaded as evidence.

It was finally agreed that Badru would be the one to confront Jay. He would do it with Nasiir at his side, while Xander and Afua watched the festivities over the air waves like everyone else.

Badru actually volunteered to confront Jay before Xander. Not only did he have a personal score to settle with the man, but ever since Nasiir revealed Tuhfa’s prophecy about an Earth friend becoming hurt almost to the point of death, Badru could not let the young folks make that sacrifice.

Dr. Karson had lived a good life, loved a good wife, and raised a wonderful child. He deemed it only fair that he be the one to put himself in harm’s way. The others had a lot more living to do yet. Besides, Tuhfa’s prophecy did not say that Badru would die, which meant that he would survive the attempt on his life. There was comfort to be taken in that.

“Where is Jay now?” Badru asked, ready to face his longtime enemy.

“At his lakeside home in Virginia. We have the exact coordinates of that location, so you should not have any problem transporting there,” Xander replied. “Speaking of transporting, are you well-versed with your device now?”

Badru nodded. “Yes, Nasiir trained Afua and me on the proper way to use our transporters.” As of now they both knew how to either type in or speak in coordinates to any place they wanted to go in this galaxy or the next.

“Very good.” Xander stole a glance at his future bride, whose face looked just as solemn as the rest of them. They all couldn’t wait for this mission to be over.

“Will Jay be alone? Or will there be others to contend with?” Badru asked.

Nasiir answered this time. “As a bird, I checked the perimeter thoroughly from every angle. As a mouse, I overheard the Horrells mentioning that they would be alone inside the house tonight, but that there would be guards posted on the grounds. The mode of defense will be shield. The modes of offense will be neuro-stunner and disintegrator as previously agreed upon.” Nasiir paused, looked at a wincing Afua, and added, “The disintegrator will only be used for extreme circumstances.”

Afua smiled and released a loud sigh of relief. “Thank God.”

The young prophetess was not a fan of violence in any form. Yet if a weapon had to be used, she preferred using one that a person could actually recover from. The neuro-stunner was such a weapon. Its primary function was to render a person temporarily speechless and immobile by affecting the frontal and temporal lobes of the cerebrum.

Furthermore, the person remained conscious the whole time and would regain full use of his/her body within two hours. Whereas the disintegrator zapped a person into thousands of tiny molecules, killing them instantly.

“I will neutralize everyone at the lake house, except for Jay, while the meeting is being broadcast. This way, the wife and the bodyguards will be restrained from rushing in to try to stop the inevitable,” Nasiir continued. “I will also stay close to Dr. Karson in order to encompass him with my shield.”

Unlike transporters which could easily adjust to any person’s molecular makeup, Katanian shields had to be personally fitted and made through a meticulous process. There had not been enough time to have one done for Badru. However, as long as he stood at least ten feet of Nasiir he would be protected, as well.  

“Speaking of your shield, when was the last time you checked it? Because at some point my father is supposed to get severely hurt today and I don’t understand why. Especially with all the precautions that are being taken,” Afua said. Even now she couldn’t understand why God had not shown her more specifics about this matter.

All Afua had heard in her spirit was: ‘Fear not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord which He will show you this day. Hold on to your faith, for you will never see this particular enemy again’.[i]

Nasiir’s mother hadn’t even been told which Earthling it would be. That puzzled Afua even more.

“All equipment has been thoroughly checked several times by myself and Nasiir. It is all operational,” Xander replied, choosing to answer for his Hekiman friend. “Though I am also confused about how your father will get hurt with all the measures we’ve put in place, I do know that we have done all we know to do to insure his safety,” he continued. Inwardly, Xander wished that he could be on the front lines with his friends. But he was needed behind the scenes for this part of the mission.

“Well, like your birth mother used to say, our best is all we can ever do,” Badru told Xander. “With all that said, let us begin our adventure in faith.”

~~~ >< ~~~

It was now twilight, the moment in time when day was just starting to turn into night. The Virginia skyline had an array of blues, oranges, violets, and a solitary streak of deep purple in it. Even the sky seemed ready for change.

Nasiir and Badru waited until the Horrells were in the house alone before materializing in one of the unoccupied guest rooms. Nasiir had already neutralized the guards outside while in the form of a squirrel.

In order to neutralize Mrs. Horrell, he would transform into an exact likeness of the Horrells’ Persian cat, which was in the kitty room just across the hall. Taking no less than a minute to transport to that room to neutralize the cat, Nasiir passed by a particular closed guest room door and meowed. That was a signal to Badru to let him know that all was well so far.

Moving to the master suite, Nasiir tarried outside the door until Jay exited the room. It was no surprise to him when the man stuck out a black pant leg and tried to kick him as he walked past. Many wicked men were cruel to everyone, including their animals.[ii] Fortunately, Nasiir’s reflexes were excellent and he was about to avoid that intended kick.

“Honestly, Jay. Franko has done no wrong to you today,” Adrasteia complained. She motioned for her beloved pet to leap upon her lap as she sat on the small cushioned bench at the foot of the bed. This was as close as she’d come to raising a child of her own. Especially since Jay didn’t even want them to adopt.

Jay paused in the doorway and looked back. “That was for last week when he scratched up my favorite sweater.” He’d never wanted a pet of any kind. Yet he consented to a cat for his wife when public polls showed that having one made a president seem more caring. Jay desperately wanted to appear more caring, even if he wasn’t.

“Must you always remember a suffered wrong?” Adrasteia asked.

“Yes. No one offends me and gets away with it,” Jay replied with cold anger in his eyes.

Adrasteia felt a chill ripple through her at those biting words. She remained silent as Jay walked away. In all the years they’d been married, she had not crossed him once because of that cold, calculating anger he had hidden deep within.

Yes, they’d had little spats over the years, but Adrasteia was usually the one to always give in to him. Usually the first and only one to say ‘I’m sorry’. Jay never apologized for anything. Since he always deemed himself as the one in the right, he never felt he had to.

Whether Adrasteia knew it or not, Jay had married her for three simple reasons. She was from a prestigious family, was just as shallow as him, and was very accommodating to his will. Unlike Juna, who’d seemed shallow and accommodating for years only to one day reveal a depth of spirit and a will of steel that had been highly stimulating, yet highly irritating at the same time. Jay never was able to break either one.

With Franko now firmly on her lap, Adrasteia began to stroke his thick shaded silver fur. Usually that soothed her, but today it rendered her motionless…completely and utterly motionless.


Adrasteia literally could not feel her arms or her legs now. And her tongue felt too heavy to move. Am I having a stroke? she wondered as ‘Franko’ leaped off her lap. She had been under a lot more stress lately.

Maybe I’m losing my mind, too, Adrasteia mused as she helplessly watched her cat leap up to the television on the wall and turn it on. He’d never done that before.

“I thought you might want to see the show, Mrs. Horrell,” Nasiir said, before running his paw over the hidden transporter collar at his neck. He made a mental note to tell the others that he’d smelled Lakota’s bloodline in Adrasteia’s veins, which meant that somehow the two women were related.

Yes, I am definitely losing my mind, Adrasteia thought as she then watched her talking cat vanish into thin air.

Appearing in the room where a waiting Badru was, Nasiir said only three words, “It is time.” Then he transformed back into Doberman form and prepared to lead this particular Earth friend into battle.

Copyright © 2006 by Suprina Frazier

[i]  Exodus 14:13

[ii]  Proverbs 12:10

Alien Of Our Own - Chapter 28

Even before Afua and Badru made it to the center of the ship, they could hear the loud conversation from several feet away. Although they couldn’t understand a word that was being said due to the usage of the Katanian language, the Karsons knew exactly what the heated argument was about – Afua and Xander.

Well-versed in Earth English, Roni had understood exactly what the word fiancĂ© meant. She’d rushed to confront Xander on the issue, about the fact that he had romantically moved on with his life…at all and without telling her.

“How could you be in love with another woman after I’ve gone to so much trouble to be with you?” Roni demanded of him.

“Have you forgotten that our body chemistries are not compatible? Any mating on our part would mean sure death to you over a course of ten years,” Xander said, still a bit in shock over the lengths Roni had gone to just to see him again. He honestly didn’t know how to feel about it.

Meanwhile, Nasiir went to stand beside Afua and Badru near the northeast entrance. He tried to nudge them to follow him further in the hallway, away from the confrontation.

When they refused, Nasiir simply shrugged and began to act as interpreter. However, he did keep his voice down to a whisper over the loud angry woman in the center of the room. Despite their small statures, Katanians had big voices.

“If I did expire ten years after we wed, it would have been the happiest decade of my life,” Roni replied, convinced that a life without children could still be a happy one, just as long as she was with the man she loved. “Besides, these would have protected me,” she added, pulling out a thick roll of prophylactics. “Since you have been gone, I did extensive research on the history of Earthlings and their mating practices. I found out that many diseases were prevented just by using these simple latex conduits.” 

“But every Katanian woman wants children. Truthfully, I want children, too,” Xander persisted, staring in awe at the antique Earth form of birth and disease control in Roni’s left hand.

The Katanian woman had obviously had the prophylactics made on her own planet, because they were outlawed by many nations on Earth. Due to the unavailability of landfill space, most non-biodegradable materials were illegal. This included latex condoms since they were not composed of one hundred percent rubber tree sap which would have made them completely recyclable. The fact that medical care had been at an all time high for years further decreased this need for condoms.   

“I also desire to have children, but I desire to have you more, Xander,” Roni declared passionately, flinging the prophylactics on the floor before rushing to hug him about the waist the way she used to when they were dating.

Roni’s heart thrilled when Xander did not move away from her, but instead put a comforting hand at the back of her head. She found even more pleasure when she noticed the people at the edge of the room gawking at this affectionate embrace.

He will mate me now for sure. Roni smirked as she cut her eyes triumphantly at Afua.

“And if you have to have offspring, we could always adopt, Xander. Your parents did that and look how well you turned out,” Roni continued aloud, now staring lovingly up into his eyes. Inwardly, she was glad that his back was to the northeast entrance. This way, Xander would not be distracted by the sight of the brown woman whose essence was rapidly filling with colors of heartache and rage.

Xander found himself at a crossroad between his past and his future. The simple solutions Roni posed would enable them to be together. They would also enable them to rear children. He was amazed that they hadn’t thought of those answers sooner.

However, Xander could not easily forget his overwhelming feelings for Afua. No woman had visited his dreams as much as she had. Nor consumed his waking hours. Every time Xander was near Afua, he wanted to take her in his arms and hold her forever.  

But he wasn’t holding Afua now. He was holding Roni. Why was he still holding Roni?

Afua wanted to know the answer to that question herself. Since Xander had grown quiet, she couldn’t help but come to her own conclusions on the matter. Conclusion one, Roni had gained much ground with her fervently spoken words. Conclusion two, her simple solutions to the things that divided them had been accepted or were at least being seriously considered.

On top of that, Xander had not brought up Afua’s name or his love for her once. Rather he’d been beating around the bush when he was usually such a blunt talker. All of this led Afua to believe that Xander still felt something deep for Roni. Still wanted something permanent with her. Plus, they did have a longer history together.

Maybe they can work out their differences after all, Afua thought as defeat crept upon her like a thief intent on stealing every ounce of joy in her heart. With thoughts like that rapidly filling her mind, she turned to walk away.

Unfortunately, Afua turned too sharply to the right and ended up stomping her bare toes on one of Nasiir’s hooves. Hooves that weren’t there a minute ago when he was still in dog form.

“Just great!” Afua exclaimed as pain radiated up her left leg. She missed Nasiir’s secret smile as he pulled his right hoof back out of the way.

Scales seemed to fall from Xander’s eyes when he heard Afua’s voice. He’d been so involved with Roni that he hadn’t been aware of anyone else.

Realizing what she must have witnessed, Xander immediately felt guilt wash over him. As he turned to face Afua, he instantly saw the dark colors of depression trying to invade her soul as she started to limp from the room.

“Halt, beloved!” Xander said in English as he detangled himself from Roni’s reluctant frame.

All eyes went to Xander and then Afua, who’d stopped instantly in her tracks at his words. She was the only person he’d ever called beloved. Not even Roni had held that honored title.

“Why should I stay, Xander? To watch you two reconcile?” Afua scoffed. “I don’t think so. For all I know, Roni could have been making surprise visits like this all along.” She shook her head. “If anybody wants me, I’ll be in my cabin, counting down the seconds to the end of this mission. Then we can all get back to our old lives,” Afua concluded, turning to walk away again. This time she forced herself to move without a limp, thereby ignoring the pain in her foot. She had enough pain in her heart to contend with right now.

“Afua.” Xander started after her, determined to make things right between them again.

“Let her go, Xander.” Roni pulled on his arm. “You do not need her now that all the problems that divided us are solved.”   

Xander paused as he thought about Roni’s words for a moment. “You are wrong, Roni. I do need her,” he said bluntly, saying what he should have said in the beginning. “My destiny is with Afua. I love her. I regret not telling you that earlier, but it is so true. I do love her and I need her almost as much as I need to breathe.”

“You love her? So soon?” Though hurt by his declaration, Roni’s eyes were huge with doubt, as well. She could see colors of love dancing around in his essence even now and Afua was nowhere in the room.

“Yes, I love her very deeply.” Out of the corner of his eye, Xander could see Badru and Nasiir smile with approval. Yet he had not said that for their benefit, he’d spoken the truth for himself.

“But all those reds in your essence. Surely some of them are connected to me?” Roni’s pride wouldn’t allow her to believe that he didn’t still feel something for her.

“I am sure some of them are for you, since I will always have a special place in my heart for my first love.” Xander looked down fondly at Roni. “However, what I feel for Afua is…” He paused, trying to find the right words, words that would not inflict pain upon his college sweetheart.

Finding none, Xander settled for words that would at least soften the blow. “What I feel for Afua transcends what you and I had, Roni. It goes beyond anything I have ever felt for anyone.”

Roni looked closer at Xander’s essence, trying to see if he was indeed speaking truth. All the light shades of blues and purples confirmed it. The man was telling the truth. Before Roni could speak on that, a barefooted Afua came rushing back into the room. And with no sign of pain anywhere.

“Take your hands off my man right now!” Afua pointed at Roni. Her face was lit with emotion and her essence held a wide spectrum of colors in it.

Your man…?” Roni began.

“Shut up!” Afua snapped at the beautiful Katanian. “You’ve had your turn to speak. Now it’s my turn.”

Fear and awe shot through Roni like a lighting bolt as she noted the most dominant color upon Afua’s essence now. The angry woman’s essence was nearly saturated with the bright light of the Creator. This was no ordinary Earth woman. This was no ordinary person. This person was one of God’s chosen vessels.[i]

Discerning all these things, Roni closed her mouth tightly, released Xander’s arm and took several steps away from him. There would be no more trouble out of her.

“Just so you know, I didn’t want to love Xander, no matter how unbelievably handsome he was,” Afua continued, now standing directly in front of Roni, towering over her shorter frame. “In fact, I did everything in my power not to fall in love with him, but it happened anyway. Over time I came to accept the fact that God had ordained this great love. And because I believe that it’s been ordained from on high, I’m going to hold fast to it and not allow anyone or anything to stand in my way.”[ii]

Then Afua looked at Xander and added, “So if you need more time to bring the proper closure to your past, I suggest you do it now. Because we have a destiny to fulfill together.”

Xander grinned and rushed to scoop Afua up in his strong arms. Oh the fire in this woman. It excited and invigorated him. He couldn’t help but spin her around and kiss her lips at least once before placing her upon her feet again.

“That is what I was trying to do before you so rudely interrupted me, beloved,” Xander said with his arms still around her waist. A woman like this was just too special to let go. Too soft, too, since the cotton robe Afua wore only covered her flesh. It was not thick enough to keep the feel of her curves away from his touch. And oh what a feel it was. 

“What?” Afua looked confused now. She turned around in Xander’s arms and glanced over at her father and Nasiir for confirmation. Both grinning males nodded. “Oh,” she said, feeling self-conscious now as realization set in.

Badru and Nasiir burst out laughing.

Xander only chuckled. “Is that all you have to say now? Oh?” He bent to plant a light kiss upon her ear. The citrus smell of her caressed his nostrils in a most delectable way. It made Xander long for this mission to be over and done with even more.

“No. I still want to know if you were successful at closing the door to the past. Roni doesn’t seem like the type to give up without a fight to me,” Afua said, persevering beyond her embarrassment.   

A now smiling Roni stepped forward and answered that question for Xander. “He was ninety percent successful. I still had it in my mind to try to convince him at least one more time before I left.”

“What put him over the top? What made you change your mind?” Afua asked, feeling less threatened by the woman now. Something about Roni had softened with her smile.

“You.” Roni pointed to the taller woman, whom she was starting to like more and more the longer she stayed in her presence.

“Me?” Afua asked, hoping the woman didn’t think she was actually going to physically assault her a few minutes ago. But then again, Afua’s emotions had been pretty high then.

“Yes, you. When you came in here full of righteous indignation, almost glowing with the light of the Creator upon you, I knew I had lost Xander forever. My only comfort is the fact that I lost him to a worthy opponent,” Roni said, conceding defeat and revealing that trademark pride of hers at the same time. The same pride that was partly responsible for her going back to Katan alone[iii], without being mated.

Suddenly a voice from the northeast entrance said, “If you all are finished here, I would like to suggest that we get something to eat. I am hungrier than two lions and I just might start eating Dr. Karson here.” When they all turned to look at Nasiir, they found him now in the form of a huge lion.

Badru yipped and scurried away from him in fright.

“Nasiir, play nice.” Afua laughed as she went to pat his thick lion’s mane. Because of Nasiir, the usually serious woman was laughing more and more these days. Being deliriously in love helped to loosen her up, too.

While Afua and Nasiir playfully chided Badru for running away, Roni turned to Xander and said, “I have never seen you look happier. I think she is going to make you a great wife.”

Xander smiled and nodded. “I know she is.”

Copyright © 2006 by Suprina Frazier

[i]  Acts 9:15

[ii]  1 Thessalonians 5:21

[iii]  Proverbs 29:23